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Frequently asked questions

What about payment handling costs?

Ticketmatic relies on specialized third-party providers to process your online payment transactions. Payment handling costs depend on the agreement you make with the PSP (payment service provider). They will charge the payment fee directly to you, Ticketmatic is not involved in that process.

Currently, Ticketmatic supports payment gateways Mollie and Stripe. Each provider has its advantages. It is up to you to sign up with a provider that best suits your needs. 

More info on payment options.

How do I pay the pay-per-use fees or the yearly subscription?

You activate your Ticketmatic account by filling out your credit card information. When you choose the pay-per-use pricing, you will be charged monthly, starting one month after you go into production. When you choose the yearly subscription, the yearly fee will be charged upfront.

Which type of emails are included for free and which are paid?

All email campaigns sent to your audience using the email marketing tool are paid. The email marketing tool includes a drag-and-drop editor and convenient audience selection options, making external email marketing tools no longer necessary for sending newsletters or pre-and post-event emails. Sending default transactional emails, including all confirmation, payment, and delivery emails remains free and unlimited.

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